Coffee with Mind Unwind CBD Elixir: Less Stress and More Productivity

By 5to9 Wellness

May 2022 - 3 min read

Who doesn’t love a cup of joe? For many, consuming coffee is an essential morning ritual that provides the energy needed to jumpstart the day. Coffee also contains antioxidants and other compounds that can reduce inflammation and protect against disease!

However, coffee can have its downsides as well – most notably the negative side effects that come from caffeine. Have you ever felt a little too wired from your coffee? 

While many of us drink coffee to get work done, we might also find ourselves suffering from caffeine jitters that actually make it harder to focus. There’s also the brain fog and anxiety that might start clouding your head in the afternoon from the caffeine crash.

A More Balanced, Jitter-free Cup of Coffee

One of the easiest ways you can enhance your coffee is by mixing in a few drops of Mind Unwind, a water-soluble CBD elixir that also contains high concentrations of Lion’s Mane extract and L-theanine. This combination of functional ingredients can alleviate the negative caffeine effects while also boosting mental clarity and focus. 

Mind Unwind was designed for anxiety relief to help people manage stress during the day or get better sleep at night. Since it is formulated with advanced water-soluble technology, that means it will fully dissolve into coffee (or any drink for that matter) unlike traditional CBD oils. 

Ingredients That Synergize With Caffeine

A few drops of Mind Unwind will give your coffee subtle fruity notes while providing herbal benefits that synergize perfectly with caffeine. You can think of Mind Unwind like the Yin to Coffee’s Yang. 

Caffeine from coffee can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety by elevating the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body. Mind Unwind’s primary active ingredients of CBD, Lion's Mane extract, and L-theanine each have anti-anxiety effects that can reduce cortisol and boost your mood. Both Lion’s Mane and L-theanine are also commonly taken as nootropics (cognition boosting supplements), especially paired together with coffee/caffeine.

Lion’s Mane is a medicinal mushroom used for centuries in east Asia, which has been gaining popularity nowadays for its brain boosting effects. Pairing coffee together with Lion's Mane is already a popular combo for enhancing focus and productivity. 

L-theanine is an amino acid that can be found in green tea leaves and also known for its brain benefits. L-theanine + Caffeine is also a well-known combination, with multiple clinical studies demonstrating that it can boost focus, cognition, and mood.

Coffee for Stress-Free Focus and Productivity

By mixing Mind Unwind into your coffee, you can enjoy jitter-free energy and Zen-like focus. It can also be taken later in the day you start feeling anxiety from the caffeine crash. In either case, it’s a great way to manage the downsides of caffeine during the day!