hello! I'm Billy

founder of 5to9

I left the pharmaceutical industry to go all-in on plant-based wellness.

Although there were many amazing life-saving drugs I worked on, many of them had toxic side effects, and many were used to treat preventable illnesses. I left pharma because I realized that promoting plant-based wellness might have a bigger impact on the health of our society.



Working in pharma was stressful and costing me my health. There was constant pressure to perform, work long hours and weekends, and be hyper productive. I was constantly on edge, always anxious about the next deadline to meet, and feeling too wired to fall asleep. With my science background, I was keenly aware of how I was damaging my body from all the undue stress. However, I was also aware of natural solutions that might help.

During my most anxious or sleep-deprived moments, I would take a variety of natural nootropics (brain supplements) and adaptogens (herbs that promote physiological balance) to relax, maintain optimal cognition, get more restful sleep, and optimize my long term health. These supplements were nothing new - most came from ayurvedic and eastern medicine traditions. I was guided by the science - in just the past decade there has been an explosion in biomedical research validating both herbal benefits that have been known since ancient times.

However, there came a point when I realized: how many others might benefit from incorporating herbal remedies into their lives? How many people are aware these natural solutions exist?

I had personally been experimenting with these supplements and tracking the science for nearly a decade, and felt compelled to share my knowledge. Thus, I set off on a journey to 1. educate others (psst... follow us social media!) and 2. find the most convenient and effective way to experience plant-based wellness. 5to9 Wellness was born as an embodiment of this journey. 

I spent nearly a year of rigorous R&D to develop mind unwind, which will be the first product on the market to leverage a new cutting-edge water-soluble delivery system for plant extracts. After receiving overwhelming positive feedback on samples I provided to friends and family, I felt ready to share my product with the world. This isn’t meant to be a be-all wellness solution, but it can certainly make a difference.